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Overcoming silos and the entrenched status quo

EPLC: a consortium approach to integrative design

The Energy Positive Living Consortium (EPLC) is necessary since the combination of high-performance architectural design, hyper efficient and cost effective pre-fab manufacturing and automation, plus solar energy production, battery back-up, grid interactive software and control systems, are beyond the scope of any one company. They are all, however, essential in creating a final product that can significantly impact the twin goals of affordability and maximum carbon mitigation.

The foundation of EPL is maximum energy efficient architectural design, based on the work our cofounder Andreas Benzing, CPHD, LEED AP, who has over a decade of completed, proven, measurable high-performance home projects.

This design strategy is based on the science of passive house and has consistently produced 80%-90% more energy efficient performance compared with BAU. These results were obtained by using extensive enhancements to traditional stick-frame building methods.

Energy Positive Single-Family

Solar Butterfly Homes™

Maximum peformance creates surplus energy and optimum health.

Energy Positive Multi-Family

Solar Tree Multi-Family™

High yield solar + storage: ~600kw per built acre.

Energy Positive Communities

Solar Forest Communities™

Enchanted affluence with independence, freedom and healthy abundance for a new parallel infrastructure.

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