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Asset Target Categories

Category GSHR (grand slam home run)

A building that matches the profile to allow for the maximum feasible performance upgrade. Might be an unexpected, unforeseen candidate with highly unique & favorable circumstances and become a highly subsidized showcase.

Category CF (Incremental EER)

In some cases the target asset is best for a fast acquisition, followed by a step-by-step partial energy efficiency upgrade path.

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visualizing solutions

Reverse Engineered
for best case outcomes

By seeing the outcome then finding a way the possible expands with each new solution



Instead of a fragmented search for a partial win, a search for layered solutions can produce results beyond expectation.

By expanding search categories, funding solutions and other outside the box catalysts, the full Yeti can be achieved


/ HR

Although the top compromise free retrofit candidate is the #1 goal, target assets that fall short may also be viable.

An example of this might be a fully upgradable building that can be funded via grants, positive price factors (such as LL. 11) and yet does not have the location for the ultimate package.


/ triple

When existing systems have significant operational lifespan remaining, while the asset is a strong buy in other respects, a delayed approach can be taken - with structural upgrades reducing energy use and cost, to be improved with new mechanicals at a later date.