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challenges to face challenges to face

Buildings & construction: 19 GTons

Hyper-efficient design can improve energy efficiency by up to 90% and can reduce emissions by 100% with solar

for a new way to live for a new way to live

200 year life-span

Half-measures are not as innocuous as they seem. Buildings can stand up to 200 years while the unmitigated carbon emissions continue.

3 million new homes 3 million new homes

housing crisis mandate

The number above is US only. Worldwide the shortage is in the billions. A massive crisis, and opportunity, if new, better than net-zero infrastructure can be built fast.

01 01

Concept Design

Negative carbon & beyond net zero requires ultra high performance design, and an aeronautic level of detail achieve the decarbonization the future requires.

02 02

Fractalize™ System

Fractals are the building blocks of the universe. Our approach uses software + robotics to create fractals that can build negative carbon homes better, faster and cheaper.

03 03

Build and Construction

On-site assembly, for a 300 home community or a single structure, no cranes or oversized "panels" we manage end to end turnkey results, on 10x fast than BAU, and on budget.

Carbon Reduction
Fewer Panels
energy savings

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The future of positive energy homes and buildings starts today

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