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Factory-in-a-box, re-imagined

A moveable just-in-time solution

The unique features and design elements of Fractalize™ make a “mobile micro-factory” (TTRF) possible. The simplicity and smaller size of the “fractal” sections makes a smaller, temporary factories viable and feasible. ULS™ (Ultimate Living System) partners have joined to achieve scalable, efficient, cost saving innovation.   Temporary, movable, and reusable structures to house the TTRF are built near the community and home locations.

Simply deep and effective for any living environment

TTRF™: Temporary, Transporable, Re-usable Factories

  • By situating the TTRF construction within a 15-mile radius of the site, transportation costs are significantly reduced when compared to other off-site systems like volumetric and standard panelized approaches. This is due to the ultra-short distance required for transport, which results in lower pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, since the TTRF system can be assembled without cranes or heavy machinery, the environmental impact of construction is further reduced.
  • The Fractalize™ system's evolutionary design and simplicity enable smaller factory construction (~10,000 sq. ft), with fewer, smaller machines and assembly lines. This reduces costs and streamlines the manufacturing process, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable system.
  • Short term leases in lieu of land purchase, along with temporary, reusable structures. In some instances, the temporary structures may not require any permitting or can be classified as a non-permanent structure for permitting purposes. If needed the structure can also qualify as a permanent building and pass all inspections. 
  • For future scalability and market penetration, multiple TTRFs can operate simultaneously across several states to construct multiple home communities comprising 50 to 200 units or more. Alternatively, a single low-cost movable factory (TTRF) can sequentially build one community after another.

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