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Good Morning 2051


Infinite Software Assisted Design
Precision Robotic Manufacturing
Multi-purpose platform
Deep-tech advanced building system
Lifestyle Living Building (LLB)
SIP 2.0 (Structural insulated panels)  

Buildings and construction don't have to add to global warming. New built homes can be the first to usher in an era of clean, resilient, living

Abundance and freedom are possible through built-in design intelligence

For speed and affordability we use an infinitely-flexible off-site construction system powered by automation, robotics and material science

We are ready to break ground on healthy, hyper-efficient communities, that are as resilient as beautiful to live in.

Join us to begin creating the built-world of 2051, today

Our Founders

Bringing a decade of knowledge and experience to bear.

Andreas Benzing

Andreas Benzing


Nick Mandala

Nick Mandala


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LA, CA - New York, NY, USA

+1 310 869 5931

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