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Energy use:

AM51 Ultra-high Performance: Illustrated

This beautiful mini-grid system, built by Borrego Solar, is expected to generate enough energy to power approximately 1,463 homes - but those homes, we assume, are standard "business as usual" (IPCC) homes. If the same number  of homes were to be powered, but were built using AM51 systems, nearly 5/6ths of the panels would not be needed. Try the slider to see! Then imagine millions, even billions of panels made unnecessary by UHP and Fractalize

Typical B.a.U. Homes
AM51 UHP Homes
Energy use:

Power 9,948 homes (more than 6x) with AM51 upgrade

Looked at another way, this power system, which already presents great hope for the future, would not power 1,463 homes, but rather, 9,948, if they were built with the AM51 system.

Naturally, since we build all our homes with integrated solar, the roof space will fulfill all energy needs for the inhabitants, with up to 2/3rds of the panels provided generating additional, potentially unused energy. What to do with all that extra energy? Sell some back to the grid, host a server farm, a bitcoin mine? Or perhaps a 24 hour bowling alley to share with neighbors? Power, with UHP and Fractalize™ is available and abundant.

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