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The role  of EE retrofit (Energy Efficient Retrofit) in the sustainable economy is critically important. With buildings representing 40% of GHG emissions overall and up to 70% + in NYC, there is a huge need for solutions.

This need is further exacerbated by the shortage of both affordable and market rate housing. A “deep” and hyper energy efficient passive house based system is a clear best case solution.

The challenge, therefore, is to find a financing, design and execution strategy that will enable continuous conversion of extreme inefficient stock into EE Retrofits while still maintaining profitability over the long term.

Although this task is given long odds by current popular opinion, there are forces at play that are rapidly changing the landscape and outlook.

In the near future, low cost climate controlled indoor living, along with clean, healthy air quality will be a necessity, as resilience and adaptation rise in importance for survival.

We believe real estate asset valuations for Yeti retrofit assets will follow in kind. ​

"Since there is no EE Retrofit scalable standard we must invent one at the highest level of performance and feasibility"

"By targeting buildings that have price offsets (LL 11 / 97 / 33) and maximizing incentives for EE retrofit, a road to investment return is clear,once improved opex, NOI and appreciation are factored in."

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